Learn Earning Money With An Amazon Affiliate Site In 15 Steps

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Online sales have seen a boost in recent years. Amazon Affiliate Site has made it easier to deal with online sales. Members have seen to be earning handsome income through it.

Building a site and getting right the traffic is the task. You have to invite those visitors that are likely to result in product sales. It does not cost much to build your site.

It needs a little effort and usually takes a day only to set up. However, launching it is just the first step.

After the consumer clicks through Amazon, the main challenge is to get the right audience. The right audience is one that turns the product sales. You should choose the niche. Do not do what everyone else does. You can get the best results.

For Amazon Affiliate Site follow these methods to increase your odds of success:

1. Learn Basic HTML

Learning HTML was tough a decade ago.

Starting a website is very easy. You can do it simply by the tap of a button on website forums like WordPress, Wix or Weebly. But, you need to learn things like inserting an image or creating hyperlinks and format texts etc. For getting easy with HTML, you will need to learn the basic concepts. You will need some time to learn the concepts of managing a website. It would be worth it in the long run.

2. Pick Your Niche

For a sales job, anything that trades on Amazon can form part of your stock. It can be things from books to toys to electronics. However, low-cost items like books and toys do not give good returns. This is because the commission on stock ranges from 1% to 5%.

Pick the product range that has huge consumer demands. You should also pick the range in which you have experience. Be sure that the niche is small enough to be unique. Bands from your city, specific religion or art and crafts book written by authors can be a niche.

3. Set Up Web Hosting

Amazon affiliate sites have to pay a very small sum for getting Web Hosting Services. E.g. Wix offers a free of cost basic blogging service. While prices for Web.com take a start from $5.95 per month. Some of them offer one package for a few sites. They ask a small charge for unrestricted domain names. Online Business Guide has a list of Web hosting services that are cheap.

4. Choose Your Domain Name

Amazon affiliate sites

If you are launching your brand, it is common to use your name as the domain. It is a common practice for Youtube, Twitter and Instagram users. Or you can use the names that reflect your niche.

E.g. My Best Skincare Products, Supplements For Weight Lifters, etc. The name should be rich with the keyword. It should be a name that common people might search to find the website. Check other sites with the same niche that are already in the market.

5. Register Your Domain Name

It is not costly to file domain names for one or two sites. But, it may add up for 10 to 20 niche sites. You should choose providers like Site Ground or GoDaddy. They do not cost you much. File your Domain name with your hosting company. This is possible if you are not sloped technically.

You can file the domain with your hosting company. There are discounts going on on GoDaddy. E.g. 12 months of basic managed WordPress for 1$ per month. After that, the price rises to the usual list price.

6. Install WordPress

To drive the audience, content marketing is one of the best ways. It will attract the audience as well as buyers. WordPress has a free option for quick posting. It is easy to install. You can publish content like blogs and articles with it. Hosts like GoDaddy, Wix, and Weebly have a single step installation process.

Here is the tutorial to install WordPress,


7. Make It pretty 

If the content is the king, then the design is the queen. Clients look for attractive and unique designs.  An advantage of WordPress is that it has changeable design choices.

With WordPress plug-ins, you can change the site as per your requirements. WordPress has a variety of templates for you. It gives you much freedom to control the design of your site.

8. Set Up Categories

You can add classes to your website. It will help the consumers to find your website in the search engine.

The Website is split into some classes. This helps the users to look for their interests quickly.

9. Sign Up As Amazon Associate(Affiliate)

Amazon affiliate sites

Signing up as Amazon affiliate sites is free of cost.

Simply go to Amazon and click the “Join Associates” link at the bottom of the page.

Your site should have the basic setup done. Only then Amazon will give approval for it. Even if you have not put any content there yet, you have to complete the basic setup.

Amazon will then give a legal disclaimer for the site. It should be included at the bottom of the website.

It is for the idea of full transparency. It states that you are an affiliate of Amazon.


10. Create Your Blog Posting Bookmarks and Links

You may see some options at the bottom of the posting page. There an item appears named “bookmarklet”. Click the link and drag it to your Link Toolbar or your Favourite menu. This will allow you to update your blog with one click.

11. Create Your Amazon Build-A-Link Bookmark and link

This step is to build a link with your Amazon affiliate ID.

  • First, log in to Associates Central.
  • Then, look at the navigation sidebar on the left side. Then go at Build-A-Link option there.
  • Then, look for individual items under Static Links and click on them.
  • Drag them to your Links toolbar or favourite menu.
12. Build Your First Link 

After login, look for the products that you want to review. Then to get the personalized link to the item, click on the grey strip on the top of the screen. There are some other options too that create links and banners.

13. Blog Your Review 
  • Click on blog posting the link.
  • With WordPress, two pieces of link code will appear.
  • Delete from the first link that ends with “<Associates Build-A-Link ></a>”.
  • The second part is linked to the product with your Amazon Associate ID built-in.
  • Now, write a product review.
  • Then, choose a suitable class for writing it.
  • Hit the option “Publish”.
14. Build Out Your Amazon Affiliate Site.

Before starting to promote your site, most importantly you should create some content.  The content should be great en to hold guests’ attention. Write a few product reviews. Write them in at least two categories. You may add articles, news, and commentary too in your reviews. More the content your website has, the better. While you are writing all this, the search engine gets notified automatically. This is a great advantage.

15. Promote Your Amazon Affiliate Site

Amazon affiliate sites


You can boost up your site in many ways.

Involving on online forums is one of those ways.

Especially you should take part in those that discuss topics of interest. It does not even give you a cost.

You can interact with other bloggers too who write on similar subjects. Together you can promote your site.




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