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Amazon Product Listing AgencyFor reaching more and more potential buyers, it is necessary to have a product listing.

If you have product listing, then your product is more likely to rank well, and you will gain sales to competitors. Having a powerful product listing is very important.Amazon product listing should be done perfectly; otherwise, it will affect the product ranking in the Amazon engine; therefore, you should have complete command over amazon seller central inventory options while listing the products. 

Eselling Experts also gives you services in this part of the area to make your product ranking easier for you. Our Amazon Product Listing Agency services keep care of all the factors while maintaining your inventory. We make sure about your Product title optimization by providing enough information to your buyer.

our Amazon Product Listing Agency team include the information you would want to see:
  • We should include as many high-quality images as you can, 1,000 pixels wide and 500 pixels high.
  • For most products, we advise using a white background for the main image. According to Amazon TOS, the product fills at least 85% of the image.
  • Amazon gives 1000 characters limit to describe your product key features.
  • Create a high-quality bullet point with complete competitor analysis to highlight the benefits and key features of the product you’re selling.
  • The limit of the bullet points will depend on what category you’re selling products, but don’t make your bullet point overly long.
  • Maintain your Product Description with 2,000 characters to show potential customers what your product is and what it does.
  • Use short sentences to make it easier for potential buyers to read and emboldening to highlight any key information.
  • You can also include important details about the product.

Make sure to optimize your product listing; it’s useful for sellers to know what keywords they are targeting and ranking for. The misuse of keywords in a product listing is a common Amazon seller mistake for which we have a very expert and Amazon consulting team.

We maintain the density of your keyword that is relevant by adding relevant keywords to your product title and features while listing your products through our Search Engine optimization service.

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