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  1. Introduction to Amazon and Marketplaces
    1.1. Overview of the Amazon Business Model
    1.2. Third-Party Sellers and Business Services
    1.3. FBA, FBM, Drop shipping, Arbitrage and Product Exports
    1.4. Additional Marketplaces: eBay, Walmart, HOUZZ, Overstock etc.
  2. Concept of E-commerce and Other Platforms
    2.1. Traditional vs Non-Traditional Outlook of Businesses
    2.2. Disruptive Innovations and New Lines of Products and Services
    2.3. Understanding the Ecommerce Basics and Structures
    2.4. The Understanding of Ecommerce and Platform Businesses
  3. Contemporary Business Models of Amazon
    3.1. Overview and Understanding of the “Fulfillment by Amazon”
    3.2. Overview and Understanding of the “Fulfillment by Merchant”
    3.3. Overview and Understanding of the “Arbitrage”
    3.4. Overview and Understanding of the “Product Exports”
  4. Setting Up an Amazon Account (Basics to Advance Options)
    4.1. Overview and understanding the “Amazon Seller Central”
    4.2. How to sign up with an account for the “Amazon Store”?
    4.3. Pre-requisites and required documentations.
    4.4. Integration and set up of local/international bank accounts
  5. The Product Research Tools and Techniques
    5.1. Overview and understanding the “Product Research”
    5.2. The Tools: Helium10, Jungle Scout and Tactical Arbitrage (Overview of Free tools)
    5.3. Exploring the criteria of product research
    5.4. Key Example and Case Studies for reference
  6. The Product Sourcing Paradigm
    6.1. Overview and understanding the “Product Sourcing”
    6.2. Supplier research for product sourcing
    6.3. Benchmarks for supplier research
    6.4. Understand the art of supplier negotiations
  7.  The Keyword Research and Keyword Ranking
    7.1. Overview and understanding the “Keyword Research”
    7.2. The Tools: Helium10, Jungle Scout and Tactical Arbitrage (Overview of Free tools)
    7.3. On-page and Off-page SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    7.4. Organic and Inorganic Approaches of Ranking
  8. 8. The Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program
    8.1. What the Affiliate Marketing entails?
    8.2. How affiliate marketeers help the Amazon sellers
    8.3. The methodologies to outreach affiliate marketeers
    8.4. Basic tools to research and identify the affiliates
  9. The Process of Listing Products on Amazon
    9.1. Overview and understanding the “Listings on Amazon”
    9.2. Step by Step listing of products on Amazon
    9.3. How to create necessary variations of product on Amazon
    9.4. Understanding the Flat File Management
  10. The Product Optimization and Conversions
    10.1. Overview and understanding the “Optimization and Conversion”
    10.2. Avoiding Business Failures: Designing Feasibility and Analyzing Reports?
    10.3. Deciphering the key indicators: impressions, clicks and conversion
    10.4. Strategies to stabilize and maximize the conversions.
  11. The Order, Review and Rating Management
    11.1. Overview and understanding the “Orders, Reviews and Ratings”
    11.2. Order Processing, Shipping Templates and Delivery Management
    11.3. Organic and Paid Methodologies of Review
    11.4. Managing Ratings via Customer Service Cycle
  12. The Sale and Account Health Management
    12.1. Overview and understanding the “Account Health Management”
    12.2. Order Defect Rate
    12.2.1. Negative Reviews
    12.2.2. A to Z Claims
    12.3.2. Charge-Backs
    12.3. Managing Late Shipping Rate and Fulfillment Time in FBM
    12.4. Management of the Valid Tracking
  13. The Amazon PPC and Advertising Campaigns
    13.1. Overview and Understanding the “Pay Per Click”
    13.2. Manual and Automated PPC Campaigns
    13.3. The science of Keyword Management
    13.4. The ACOS (Advertising Cost on Sales)
  14. The Lightening Deals and Digital Coupons
    14.1. Overview and understanding the “Deals and Coupons”
    14.2. How to utilize the lightening deals offered by Amazon?
    14.3. Coupons and its value addition in the sales
    14.4. Complementary strategies to optimize the conversion
  15. The Amazon Brand Management and Store Management
    15.1. Overview and understanding the “Brand and Store Management”
    15.2. The step-by-step guide to Brand Registration
    15.3. Understanding the importance of StoreFront Design
    15.4. Enhanced Brand Content and Video Management
  16. The Virtual Assistance and Freelancing
    16.1. Overview and understanding “The Virtual Assistance”
    16.2. What is Freelancing and its major platforms?
    16.3. Key Tactics of Client Acquisition
    16.4. Client Communication and Freelance Profile Ranking

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  2. working Days Classes (Mon/Wed/Fri) 
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