7 Steps to Build Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

SMM CONSULTANTS STRATEGYSMM Consultants strategy; Do you wonder how a brand gets famous?

We will tell how is it possible. We will show how to grow your business through social media.

It would become easier for you to create your marketing plan. It will help you to reach your target audience. We will guide you to make the job easier.

Here are the seven key steps for SMM consultants strategy:

1. Set goals:

Be clear about the desired outcome. Be sure about what you want from the strategy. Some features make the goal a healthy target.

If these features are missing, the goal may not be attractive to achieve.

We have listed down some of those features for SMM consultants strategy:
  • The goal should be specific and well defined. It should be clear enough to tell what needs to be accomplished. A clear and specific goal will define future action plans.
  • The goal should be measurable. It should clearly state that what s the target.
  • The goal should be practical. Setting very high goals will discourage staff.
  • The goal should have a time limit. Any time will not bring success to your brand. You can review and check the progress of a time-bound goal.
  • Group work needs a fair scale for valuation. This is easier with taking small goals.
    Sample social media goals for 2019.

Here is a list of some goals:

Brands of different scales can use these for their marketing. They can help you in designing a marketing strategy that will reach the target audience.

Increase brand awareness

If a brand will only write promotional words, the audience will get bore. The audience needs creative ads. They want content that is unique and worth knowing. People feel coming closer to the brand. It affects the thinking of the public. They feel that the brand is investing for them. Hence, they look into the content. This brings business to the brand.
Achieve higher quality of sales
You can reach your core audience. The more public you get, the more sales you will be able to generate.

In-person sales

Tell the audience about action shots of your stores. This will make them feel that the brand values them. They will remain in touch with the company.

Improve ROI

You wish for keeping the cost of labor and ads low. You shall focus on auditing your social channels. Your scores will be better.

Promote user-generated content

If you require fresh content, ask your customers. They will post on your behalf. They are the best cheerleaders for your brand. This way, you will know better what type of content they want.

Analyze the industry

Learn the work patterns of the industry. It will help you in promoting your brand. You will know which network to handle. Consequently, do not change your goals in between. If it seems that you can not achieve it, put more effort. But, try to meet your targets and figures.   

2. Research Your Audience

All the data you need to know is already there. Your target audience is present in the data. It would be easy for you to design an SMM Consultant strategy then. Patterns and graphs will tell you what actions you need to take.

Here are some key points from the data of 2018.
  • The top place for ads is YouTube and Facebook. They play a part in the high earnings of ads. They increase traffic towards your brand.
  • Users of Instagram are young.
  • Twitter promotes clicks and actions on your website. Brands tweet with business cards.
  • Snapchat has a young user base. It helps you to increase awareness of your brand.
  • Users of Pinterest are mostly females. It boosts the highest order value. People use it to save ideas. From there, it leads to sales and purchases.
  • Content of LinkedIn is complex. It has a well-educated user base.

First of all, you need to know the data for your brand. Probably, for knowing your clients’ data, you require more study. All the big brands are using some sort of analytics. Which network suits your brand is the subject. It will include the type of audience you have and their likes. Target that audience only to make the best use. There is no point in marketing if you do not know your viewers. 

3. Establish Metrics

Establish MetricsDo not think SMM Consultants Services is not for you. Whatever you are selling, count your likes and shares. Having many followers is of no use if they cannot do anything for you. Use their preferences for your brand. Here are some metrics.

You should keep an eye on these in 2019 (Jolly):


  • Reach:

It is the number of users who saw your post. It shows how far your content is spreading across social media.

  • Clicks:

It is the number of clicks by the audience. Clicks those are on your content, logo or company name.

  • Engagement:

How Reach work for you? Engagements will let you know. It shows how willing is your audience to interact with you.

  • Hashtag Performance:

It is to see which hashtag you used the most. Which hashtag created the most engagement?

  • Organic and Paid Likes.

It is hard to get an audience on Facebook. However, it is easy to get it on Instagram.

  • Sentiments:

How the audience reacted to your hashtags? How did they find your content or brand? What type of sentiments they have with your campaign hashtags? It is important for the brand to find what people feel about the brand.

4. Dig into Your Competitors

It will make you compete in the market. It will give you more figures of competitors. The aim here is not to copy the ideas of your competitors. Instead, to know what is useful for them.

How can their policies work for you? Learn how their models can help your brand. Look at how their goals are different from yours. Compare your plans with theirs. Analyze their way of work versus their goals. Certainly, you need to analyze these for a healthy game.

Let us have a look at some examples. How two brands in the same space have different approaches? How social media marketing strategy works for them. In this regard, let’s talk about the world of ice cream.

Most importantly, Hola Top Cream creates attractive videos. Their content gets a lot of engagement. On the other hand, Ben & Jerry have a different approach. They post a lot of user-generated content. They get a lot of traffic too. Though both of them are in the same industry, work models are distinct.  They know the SMM consultants strategies of each other. They use them to engage their audiences in their own unique way.  This is how industries work.

Social Competitors

Use search engines with popular phrases and keywords. You will see who pops up first. For example, if you sell various types of toys, search for them on Google. Exclude major retailers like Amazon and Ali Express. Look at who is popping up after them. The brand with most engagements is best to track. Compare your Facebook posts with theirs.

Have a look at their engagements.  What kind of post is getting the most engagement on Twitter? Set your own strategies. You will get an idea of where you need improvement. It would be clear then that how brands of the same industry are driving traffic towards them. Their strategies will help you in designing yours.

5. Create Engaging Content

You should know what content to publish. Hence, you should also know which channels to use. There is a lot to mull over at this point. The public is specific about what type of content they want to see.

In today’s time, users are very certain. 46% of users say that they will not follow overly promotional brands. This has created stress for brands. 41% of users are ready to unfollow brands with too much irrelevant content.

These figures show the impact of a relevant content on the public. Learn about their pain points and content that attracts them. Then find a unique way to deliver the content. Let us have a look at 2019’s social media trends.

  • Video Content

Video ContentBrands need to create videos to publish. Video content gets more views and shares. Therefore, It spreads across all networks. You can promote your brand through a short video ad (OMI, 2017).


  • User-generated Content:

Everything on your website should be easy to find, read and use. You will have better traffic. Hence, It simply reduces work stress for you. Content should be friendly for users. This is the demand of the public. It should be easy to read and easy to understand.

  • Content Themes

Creating visual content daily is a tough challenge. Venngage Infographics says, 36.7% of brands think designing visual content is their top struggle. The task is to include content with color and clarity. Instagram is the main channel for working on visual content.

6.  Timeliness 

Customers look for updates on the brand. In the past, customers only asked for quick responses. But now, people want to have conversations with the company.

They want to be in touch with the brand. Maybe, they want to know about the activities going on. They want to stay updated.

Brands need to focus on this main factor of “networking.” They should ensure that they do not let go of any chance of interaction.

They should make the best use of all such changes. If a brand is active on social networks, it gets respect. They think that if brands respond to them, they are valuable to them. In return, they pay respect and value to the brand.­­­­ The more you care for them, the more they will care for you. Once they join your brand, do not let them go.

If you market your brand at wrong timings therefore, it would not give you engagement. Make sure that your social media managers are there to respond. There are some recommended times to post.

As per our study, a brand’s usual response time is around ten hours. Mind this that your audience is impatient. Do not let them wait for long. Set your timings when you can make the most use of it.

7.  Assess Working 

Now you need to assess your efforts. This will let you know how well you did over others. You can monitor the results of your campaigns. Compare them and look at the trend. Instead of complex changes that consume more time, you should make small changes.

You will stay updated about the progress of work therefore, you can use graphs to know about trends and patterns. Most importantly, they will let you know the progress of your brand.

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